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Healing in the Face of Trauma Tool Kit

The Healing in the Face of Cultural Trauma Tool Kit was created by the Community Healing Network and The Association of Black Psychologists as a resource in August 2016 after the killing of Alton Sterling and Philando Castille by law enforcement and the resulting community trauma experienced by Black people across the nation.

Mind, Body and Spirit Directory

Our Safe Black Space Mind Body Spirit Resource Guide is a working list of local Black owned or run resources that are effectively serving members of the Black community.   Please check them out and lend your support.

Organizations and individuals interested in being included in Mind Body Spirit Resource list should  submit their contact information to They will be directed to complete a short survey. 

Abbreviated Sacramento Mental Health Resources

See Urgent Care resources available and a sampling of Mental Health services in the Sacramento area.

Videos - Information Black People Need to Know

This four-segment video training series provides information about racial stress and trauma for Black people and introduces culturally reflective and responsive healing strategies (see videoclips at bottom of this page)

The four topics include:

*Introduction Videoclip: Introduction to the video training series and overview of the four topics covered.

1) African American Mental Health Facts and Information

Provides overview of common mental health challenges and risk factors for the black community, including data and statistics and the role of stigma and shame in help seeking.

2) What is Racial Trauma

Learn about racial stress and trauma is and it’s connection to historical and current racism and oppression. Develop an understanding of it through issues related to recent events in Sacramento. Introduction to post (persistent) traumatic slavery disorder, including signs and symptoms. 

3) Key Community Care and Self Care Strategies

Introduction to key strategies for taking care of your community as well as yourself during challenging times of racial stress and anxiety.

4) Guided Meditation on Racial Healing and Empowerment

Introduction to spirituality and mindfulness in the Black community. Participate in guided racial healing and empowering meditation.  Learn tips on developing your own meditation practice.

This video series is funded by the Sacramento County Division of Behavioral Health Services through the voter approved Proposition 63, Mental Health Services Act (MHSA).



Introduction to the Training Series on Black Mental Heath & Healing

Key Community and Self Care Strategies

African American Mental Health Facts and Information

Guided Meditation on Racial Healing and Empowerment

What is Racial Trauma