SBS provided a place where I could contribute something to support my
community during these racially charged times. I loved that it was for us, by us. SBS would become my healing space as well.

My soul yearned for a space to be fully heard and fully seen.  A place of knowing, a place of healing of what it means to be Black in this country, with all of its complexities that brings.

There is comfort and strength in coming together, in calling on the wisdom of our ancestors, and our historical triumph over darkness to gather strength for living in the here and now.

- Gayle Guest-Brown,  SBS Facilitator



People of African descent need communal healing practices that are caring, ethical, and affirming to help us renew our souls and that provide mutual support, hope, and grace in these troubling times. Safe Black Space is that.

- Lilyane Glamben



Being a participant of a Safe Black Space Community Healing Circle gave me the opportunity to discuss my experiences with prejudice, discrimination and racism with others who had shared experiences. After the circle, I felt relieved, connected and supported.

- Deraan