Current Safe Black Space Components


Safe Black Space Community Healing Circles—First Response

Safe Black Space Community Healing Circles are supportive and confidential gatherings that help stabilize Black communities experiencing racial crises. They provide an initial entry point for healing. Participants share their stories and feelings; deepen their understanding of the impact of historical forces and images on their lives; learn about and practice self-care and community care strategies; and identify local resources.

Safe Black Space Community Healing Circles are an outgrowth of and local adaptation of the Healing in the Face of Cultural Trauma Tool Kit. Grounded in African principles of wellness, they are designed to address the immediate emotional and psychological stress and negative impact of experiences of racism, alienation, and isolation. They offer a type of “first response” healing circle after an immediate racial trauma, as well as support for racial micro-aggressions – the daily racial hassles we endure.

Emotional Emancipation CirclesSM (EECs)—Next Level Healing

Emotional Emancipation Circles (EECs)℠ offer a deeper and longer healing experience.  It is recommended that people who come to a Safe Black Space Community Healing Circle consider joining an EEC℠.

EECs℠ are ongoing support groups originated by the Community Healing Network in collaboration with the Association of Black Psychologists.  They were created for communities of African Ancestry needing healing and experiencing racial trauma caused by tragedies like the killing of Stephon Clark.

EECs℠ consist of a series of seven to nine sessions in which Black people learn and practice essential emotional wellness skills; and learn how to replace destructive negative thoughts caused by racism with ones that are positive, constructive, and healing. EECs℠ support Black people in working together to overcome, heal from, and overturn the lies of White superiority and Black inferiority: the root-causes of the devaluing of Black lives. EECs℠ are a powerful resource for personal and community healing and can serve as a protective factor in a society where experiencing racism is nonstop.

For a listing of Emotional Emancipation Circles meetings currently being offered to the Sacramento community, please

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